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My name is Jenny Keep and, with over three decades of experience in the care industry, I’m the person to call if you need at-home care for an elderly relative or loved one. 

As a Personal Assistant and independant carer in Horam, I’m not bound by the restraints of an agency. I can get to know you and your loved one personally and, as a result, provide a much more individual and empathetic standard of care. I understand that, try as you might, it isn’t always easy to find the time to provide the care that you’d like to for a beloved family member. As difficult as it is, life goes on, so you need someone to help along the way.

I’m here for you.


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Finding the Right Care For Your Loved Ones

I am proficient in all different types of care, but am particularly skilled in Dementia care. As an independent carer in Horam and in a variety of other caring capacities before that, there’s almost nothing I haven’t seen before. My services include:

  • Companionship
  • Personal Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Support
  • Shopping/Prescription Collection
  • Secretarial/Admin Support
  • Cleaning and Laundry
  • Pet Services

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I take time with my services. It’s so important for someone receiving care to be comfortable with the person they’re being looked after by. Necessarily, I’ll be in their home for extended periods of time, so I make sure to lay the groundwork and truly understand your loved one’s personality, so they’re comfortable and so that I can meet them on their level.



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Support With Daily Tasks

As we get older, we find that, physically, things tend to get harder. The abilities and skills that we take for granted from a young age suddenly become difficult, which can be immensely frustrating. I’m here to take that load off, and act as a supporting arm, making sure that things tick over at home, so your loved one can focus on the important things, like family and friendship.



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Superior Care

As an independant carer in Horam, I’m able to provide a far superior standard of care to your traditional agency. Working alone gives me a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to scheduling, as well as with the type of care I am able to provide. I have a cheerful personality, as well as the understanding and patient nature required to care for the elderly.




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'Home Care' OVER 'Care Home'

Sadly, dementia is a growing concern in the UK and around the world. When the mind starts to play tricks on you, consistency is key. That’s why having someone like me to care for your loved one is so important. In a care home, there are a variety of people milling around and you could get a different person attending to your needs each day. With me, your loved one struggling with dementia gets care from the same person every day. I learn their needs and their personality and, with any luck, develop a real friendship as well.

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Jenny was initially employed by my Father to help us care for my Step-Mother. She used to take her out for a walk and coffee for a few hours each week. She next helped with her personal care twice a day before her dementia deteriorated and she was moved into a Care Home. When this happened, we realised my father needed support, so she continued to help him with food preparation and administering his medication, when he sadly also developed dementia, before joining my Step-Mother in the Care Home. Jenny has always been kind, caring and professional in her dealings with both of my parents. We were lucky to have her continued care while they needed it. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.


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Private or Council Clients

I work both as a private independant carer in Horam, as well with clients recommended by the local authority. The most important question, in my book, is “does someone need help?” If the answer’s yes, that’s where you’ll find me.

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Where to find me

I’m based in Horam, but am happy to travel to Heathfield, Burwash and East Sussex, in general, to provide your loved one with the care and attention they need.

Do you have a family member in need of in-home care and living support? 

Get in touch with me today, through my contact form or by sending me a message through my chat pop-up below. Tell me what they need and let’s see how I can help!

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